Readers prepare for upcoming meeting

Book club delves into Central American novel

Lukas Levin

As senior Ciara Woida picked up her book “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario, she felt the familiar excitement of taking on a new story.

“I joined book club because I love to read and wanted a chance to meet others who also like to read,” Woida said.  “It gives you a chance to discuss the book and see how others understood the details of the book, which changes your understanding of the same book.”

Book club adviser Ellen George has been running the club for nearly 15 years and said she wants to pick books relevant to students and broadens their knowledge.

“(I want students to feel) there are a whole lot of different books out there outside of their comfort zone. It may not be what they want to go to, but it gets us to widen our rage,” George said.

According to George, “Enrique’s Journey” follows the story of a young boy travelling alone through Central America to illegally enter the United States so he can rejoin his mother.

George said although the book is fiction, it is based off a true story.

Woida said while this novel doesn’t fit the type of genres she typically likes, it did not hinder her overall interest in reading this story.

“I do enjoy the current book, however, I’m more into dystopian novels. I like it because it’s something that realistic and that a lot of people can relate to,” Woida said.

Senior president of book club Ari Vlodaver said she became involved in the book club to become more immersed in literature.

“I really like reading and I thought this would be a good way to be introduced to more genres and to more novels,” Vlodaver said.

George said the club is designed to support those who like to read and her passion for the club comes from the escapism these stories provide.

“I love reading, because every book is a different world, a different experience. Part of (reading) is the joy of imagination and you get to live a piece of someone else’s life or a whole

 fantasy world in other instances,” George said. “(I want to) support other readers and give us a chance to get together.”

Book club has their first meeting after school Oct. 31 in the LMC.