Spanish club faces challenging start

Busy schedules postpone meetings


Mara Zapata

Spanish club members make paper decorations called ‘Papel Picado’ during the first meeting Oct. 25.

Marta Hill and Isabel Kjaer

Although Spanish club encountered difficulties starting up, junior leader Katie Christiansen said she is optimistic about the upcoming year.

Christiansen said she and her fellow leader junior Ayanna Nathan scheduled other commitments in the fall, indicating they couldn’t attend the meetings they planned for the club.

According to Christiansen, the club’s format includes short-term projects and activities, allowing members to join late and not have to catch up.

We do individual activities that won’t probably (be) affected (by the delayed start). We aren’t building on the stuff we’re doing,” Christiansen said.

Spanish club adviser Marcus Erickson said he looks forward to doing some activities from other years again.

In the past we have done things like we have done some dancing and some crafts. We decorated cookies one year for Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)and sometimes we learn about holidays of the Spanish speaking world,” Erickson said.

Christiansen said despite the late start, she hopes the club will be able to catch up.

I feel like I should have expected (delays) to happen considering how busy me and (Ayanna) are. I hope we can make up lost time,” Christiansen said.

According to Erickson, the student leaders plan a majority of the activities.

In past years, I’ve been a little more involved in planning, but this year we have some strong student leadership, so I think they are going to take a lot bigger r

ole in planning,” Erickson said. “I’m sort of hosting the group and maybe contributing some ideas of what (the club) might want to do.”

Christiansen said she is excited to see the club grow and gain members.

“I’m looking forward to, in general, building the club up and getting a solid group of members together who want to meet consistently,” Christiansen said.

The club’s next meeting is at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 25 in room B235.