Natural Helpers improve their techniques

Day-long exercises help their abilities as counselors


Mara Zapata

Natural Helpers discuss how their training went and the overall effectiveness of the program. The all-day session took place Oct. 27.

Marta Hill and Isabel Kjaer

On Nov. 27, members of the Natural Helpers club attended an all-day training, according to senior Natural Helpers leader Jasmine Tchida.

According to Tchida, the training helps Natural Helpers learn about what they should do and say when counseling.

“(The purpose is) to have everyone who is a part of Natural Helpers know what to do in a situation — know what to do and what not to do when they should contact an adult. (The training helps with) just what to say in a way that won’t make the situation any worse,” Tchida said.

Senior Natural Helpers leader Kahiro Lara said the group hopes the guidance will make the group more united.

“We are also really working on group bonding because we really want this group close to each other,” Lara said.

According to Tchida, the large size of the group has caused problems with unity in previous years.

“The group is way smaller than last year, which, in my opinion is way better than past years because there are people that have been in the club as long as I have, and I’ve barely ever spoken to them,” Tchida said. “But, today, in the half day we’ve gone through so far, I’ve gotten to know them fairly well.”

Tchida said the skills members learn through Natural Helpers can help them in the future when it comes to supporting others.

“There (are) plenty of times when someone goes to you in your life, whether it’s now or in the future. They’ll go to you about some issue, and now, because of this club, we’ll now have the ability and we’ll know what to say and what we should stay away from,” Tchida said.

According to Lara, the Natural Helpers’ goals include trying to guide the students of the school.

“We are not professionals. We aren’t any better than the school counselor or anything, but we are trying, we are giving that input that others need,” Lara said.

The Natural Helpers’ next meeting takes place at 8 a.m. Nov. 9 in room B112.

Adviser Allison Luskey declined to comment.