Feminism club prepares to speak about intersectionality

Next meeting geared toward bringing awareness


Isaac Wahl

Lukas Wrede speaks during a discussion at the first feminism club meeting, which took place on Oct. 23.

Lukas Levin, Writer

Senior feminism club president Avia Kaner-Roth said at the next feminism club meeting, she hopes to inform students of the oppression of non-white, non-binary feminists that many people don’t realize is happening.

“The point (of the meeting) is to educate people on the differences between being a term known as ‘white feminist,’ which is the focus of the plight of the more privileged women, such as abled straight white cis women,” Kaner-Roth said. “and being an ‘intersectional feminist,’ which involves seeing and understanding the struggles of women/non binary people have.”

According to Care2, intersectionality is a concept describing discrimination someone might face when their individual identity overlaps multiple minority classes.

Senior Olivia Massie said she has an exercise that will hopefully describe the idea of intersectionality as a whole and spark discussion.

“I have an activity planned. I’m going to just introduce (everyone) to intersectionality and all its different cross roads,” Massie said. “Then I’m going to be speaking a little bit (about intersectionality) and then I’m going to open up the conversation a little bit.”

Kaner-Roth said she believes this meeting is important because many feminists within and outside of Park are mis-represented by a common majority.

“It’s important because when we often think of feminism club, people only talk about the white women opposed to a gay woman, or a woman of color or disabled women or people who are non binary who don’t identify with a gender,” Kaner-Roth said.

Massie said intersectionality holds a deeper meaning for her as a feminist and feels it should be a topic to constantly be aware of.

“I am a gay black woman, so for me it’s especially important because I meet at a bunch of different intersections,” Massie said. “We should always be mindful of intersectionality. I’m just going to be talking about it, what it means, and how it’s important.”

The meeting will be held 8 a.m. Nov. 21 in room C377.