Teacher takes on new classes

Abigail Lugo grows in the business department


Grace Farley

New personal financial management teacher Abigail Lugo speaks with senior William Colway during 2nd hour personal finance Feb. 16.

Emma Yarger and Amaia Barajas

Senior personal finance student Liam Sivanich said new teacher Abigail Lugo will benefit students in the SLP community.

“I think she’ll bring out some more successful students because she really motivates us to get our work done and do what we need to do,” Sivanich said.

According to Lugo she had been helping youth pay for school and other necessities with her non-profit before she applied for the teaching job at Park.

“I took a break from the classroom and ran a non-profit for the last two years. We helped economically disadvantaged students afford life and learning outside of the classroom,” Lugo said. “But there’s something irreplaceable about working in a classroom.”

Lugo said she was hoping to transition from non-profit work to being a teacher in her own town.

“I was actually working a non-profit and I was looking too get back into the classroom,” said Lugo. “I live in Park, I would love too work and live in the community, so I applied (and) interviewed.”

Sophomore David Khabie is enrolled in Lugo’s business innovations class this semester. Khabie said Lugo teaches the class about applications and interviewing techniques.

“I think she’s a really great teacher,” Khabie said. “She really has a good background in interviewing and she teaches us just to work hard and she believes in all of us.”

Sivanich said she teaches students to be self motivated in her personal finance class.

“She really just addresses whoever is listening to her so you have an opportunity in that class to either get left behind and it’s your own fault or be included and succeed,” Sivanich said.

According to Lugo she is teaching subjects she has never taught before, but enjoys working in Park.

“It’s definitely a curveball taking on three new subjects that I have never previously taught in the school,” Lugo said. “(It is) very different from teaching one class everyday, but it’s good. I like working with students of different grades and getting to know the school.”

Khabie said he enjoyed Lugo and her teaching style.

“I thought that was really helpful and cool for a teacher to (help us with our applications) because normally they don’t do that and she’s just very positive she has a good vibe,” Khabie said.