Club volunteers at local party

Students help run Nature Center event


Noah Orloff

Senior NHS public relations officer Ilsa Olsen signs off Westwood Hills Nature Center Halloween Party goers for the mini golf course. The event was Oct. 19 and 20.

Noah Orloff and Marta Hill

Becky McConnell, a naturalist at Westwood Hills Nature Center said the 37th annual Halloween party at the Nature Center had a number of features including themes trails and other party games.

“We have a couple themed trails, one being Mother Nature’s Trail where people walk along the trail and try to answer the question that Mother Nature has given them,” McConnell said. “The other themed trail is a mini golf trail, so each hole is themed like there is a honey bee hole, a pumpkin patch hole and a spider web hole.”

Senior National Honor Society (NHS) public relations officer Ilsa Olsen said the party was successful and NHS was able to provide assistance.

“I think it went really well, everyone seemed to be having fun. Everyone kinda was doing different things and helping the kids and helping the staff out,” Olsen said.

According to McConnell, NHS helps a lot with all aspects of the Halloween party, from set up to execution of the party.

NHS provided a crucial role in helping with set up, and the execution of the night of the party too,” McConnell said. “They helped with setting up props and decorations along the trails. And at the party itself, they helped with support roles like registration, and ticket checking, some costumed characters and with the games.”

Olsen said she believes NHS should continue volunteering at the Halloween party.

“I know we did it last year, I was part of it and I think we should keep going,” Olsen said.  “I think it something that is fun in our community that will help kids in our community and it’s also just a fun thing to do with all the activities and stuff.”

According to McConnell, students should volunteer because it is important for the community to see youth involved.

“I think it is great to have people in the community see the students helping out. They can see all these youth that are supporting their community and volunteering their time,” McConnell said.

Senior NHS member Bryan Huynh said volunteering at Westwood Hills Nature Center is an enjoyable experience.

“We’ve done it in the past and it’s gone well. I just think that it’s really good,” Huynh said. “It’s really fun.”

According to Junior NHS member Rakesh Plantz, he was able to participate both before and during the party.

“I helped on the first set-up time and then I helped at the actual party once on Friday night which was very exciting to see all the little kids and them all having fun,” Plantz said.

McConnell said NHS has been contributing for years, and they always have a good turnout, making up the largest group of volunteers.

“It’s a long standing tradition for NHS members to help out at the Halloween party,” McConnell said. “In fact, they are the biggest group of the volunteers for the party every year. I think this year it was around 45 NHS students, and overall they had about 160 volunteers this year.”

Plantz said he believes the impact of NHS on the community is positive, providing help to many others through.

“Well, I think it is good that there’s an NHS in general,” Plantz said. “I know a lot of places are kinda struggling to get volunteers and I feel like this encourages kids to volunteer more.”