Senior all night party changes venue, price

Volunteers hope to accommodate more students, reduce the stress of planning


Lucy zumBrunnen

The senior party will be at Bowlero in Eden Prairie on June 6. Bowlero has features such as bowling, an arcade, and laser tag.

Kate Schneider and Talia Lissauer

According to Aquila media specialist and teacher Joanne Bongaarts, a group of volunteers get together annually to put on a final party for the senior class the night of graduation.

“Every year a group of parents and caregivers come together to put on a celebration for the seniors that are graduating,” Bongaarts said.

One change being made to the party is a major decrease in price, according to Bongaarts.

“Ticket cost is $50 per student. In the past, it has been $75.00. The committee is committed to keeping the price lower this year,” Bongaarts said.

Senior Paige Slavik said the lower price will increase the number of students that are able to go.

“I think the fact that it is cheaper is better for our school because it will be more inclusive and more people will be able to come,” Slavik said.

Senior Hans Helberg said he believes even though the price has decreased, it is still too high for some students.

“I’m glad it’s less expensive, but $50 is still kind of steep,” Helberg said.

Bongaarts said after a meeting with the city to discuss the issues of the current location, she began exploring other locations.

“This year we decided to change the venue spot,” Bongaarts said. “I met with the city, and we talked about pros and cons of having it at the Rec Center and decided to do some research on other venues.”

According to Bongaarts, switching the location will take weight off of the helpers’ shoulders by allowing them more time to prepare and decorate.

“This year, by changing the venue, it takes stress off the volunteers because they don’t have to worry about getting the place ready in time,” Bongaarts said.

According to Bongaarts, the problem with the Rec Center is that it is a public building, which makes it difficult to decorate and set up everything before the graduates arrive.

“(The Rec Center) is open to the public until eight, so it was hard to transform it in such a short amount of time (and then) trying to clean it up in time for it to open up the next day,” Bongaarts said.

Bongaarts said the event will be held at Bowlero event center in Eden Prairie this year. Many other schools use this space, so it should be a better fit for their needs.

“The committee decided to try an event center for the 2019 Graduation Celebration Event. Many other high schools use a variety of venues to hold their graduation event,” Bongaarts said. “The committee picked Bowlero in Eden Prairie to host the event. Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Benilde are some of the high schools who have had their graduation events there.”

Slavik said she is excited to spend one final night with all the seniors.

“I’m looking forward to one last night of quality time with our grade,” Slavik said.

Helberg said he wants to see his entire class enjoying each other’s company before they all part ways.

“Just seeing everyone together in one place before we all leave will be a fun opportunity for everyone to get together one last time,” Helberg said.

More information about the senior all night party can be found at the St. Louis Park Senior Party website.