Spring play to be ‘Prelude to a Kiss’

Cast, crew anticipate an exciting show


Ruthie Posada

Sophomore Isaac Scott reads his lines aloud during the read through for the spring play March 13. The spring play this year is “Prelude to a Kiss.”

The theater company’s spring performance will be a funny love story with a surprising turn of events, according to director Jodi Hatzenbeller.

“Peter and Rita meet, they fall fast in love, they get married after 6 weeks and on their wedding day a strange man wanders into the ceremony, kisses the bride and then they swap souls,” Hatzenbeller said. “It’s not until well into the honeymoon that Peter realizes that his wife is not really his wife.”

Hatzenbeller said the cast’s initial reading of the script provided the cast insight into the story they would be performing this coming spring.

“I think (the read through) went really well. There was a great energy in the air and the cast and crew got to see how funny the show is going to be, but sort of the sweet story underneath as well,” Hatzenbeller said.

Ensemble member and sophomore Caylee Quick said she is excited to watch how the preparations for the show translates into the performances.

“Our leads are very talented in this play,” Quick said. “I like it. It’s really, really funny, and it’s going to be a very interesting thing to see come together.”

Understudy and junior Elliott Rickert said he is excited to refine his own skills and watch the other cast members develop their characters.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to expand my acting skills,” Rickert said. “It was very cool to see people come up with their own iterations of what they think the character should be.”

Hatzenbeller said “Prelude to a Kiss” will present a challenge in conveying the setting clearly to the audience, but the cast and crew are eager to accept the challenge.

“We’re excited that it is a different type of show than we’ve done for a while. It’s a challenge of having a lot of moving pieces to minimally suggest where and when things are taking place, and we’ll use those set pieces and the ensemble to sort of create mood and atmosphere,” Hatzenbeller said.

According to Hatzenbeller, performances of “Prelude to a Kiss” will be May 3, 4 and 5 in the Auditorium.