Choir prepares for last concert of the year

Concert to include senior recital


Abby Prestholdt

Senior Ayanna Nathan prepares her solo for the upcoming choir concert. The 1950’s POPS concert will be May. 29.

Abigail Prestholdt

Choir teacher John Myszkowski said the concert has a central theme and gives the students new, exciting opportunities to get more involved.

“We’ve been, now for a number of years, doing a new decade each concert with the subsequent decade and this year is the 1950s. The cool thing is the students actually research and choreograph all the songs. It is all student choreographed,” Myszkowski said.

Senior Zoey Zachek, who is performing in her last concert, said she is excited for the senior recital which allows every senior the chance to sing.

“The senior recital is really special because every senior gets to sing a solo or a duet if they want. (It) is really cool because it gives every senior one last chance to sing on stage,” Zachek said.

Myszkowski said the choir concert can be very difficult especially for the seniors because they are responsible for organizing it.

“The self-choreographing is a challenge because they have to learn it on their own. It gives them independence and pressure because they aren’t being spoon feed this stuff,” Myszkowski said.

Zachek said the senior song is an important part of the concert because it is essentially their last goodbye.

“We have a senior song that the seniors choose. It is the last thing we sing at the senior recital and then we also sing it at graduation. It is a nice last performance together,” Zachek said.

Sophomore Ari Braverman will be participating in the concert as well and said he is especially excited for the last song which is the seniors’ farewell to the choir program.

“There a song that we are doing called “I’ll Be On My Way” and it’s a lovely song and it’s really fun to sing. It’s going to be really sad listening to all the seniors sing their last song before they leave. Last year I got teary a little bit,” Braverman said.

Zachek said the concert is really special because the students bring the theme to life.

“It is really cool because we are implementing dance moves from (the 50’s) era and there’s going to be people dressed up from that era,” said Zachek.