Nikki Haley speaks in St. Louis Park

Park students attend local event


Emily Ziessman

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley spoke at Beth El Synagogue May 19. Haley spoke as Beth El’s 16th speaker in their ongoing series.

Nebyu Bekele

AP European History teacher Jeffrey Cohen shows gratitude about his class getting the chance to hear Nikki Haley speak, and said they were fortunate to have this experience.

According to Cohen, 30 AP European History students attended the event May 19 at Beth El Synagogue held for Nikki Haley to speak about her life story, and about her political stance.

“We’re lucky enough that we had a generous person who paid for our tickets, otherwise we couldn’t have been able to afford it,” Cohen said.  

Cohen said students had a pleasant time at the event and it was very educating for them.

“There was some good relevant questions about United States support and involvement in Israel. The students were eager to listen to what Nikki had to say,” Cohen said.

Sophomore Hope Kihanya said she initially had some knowledge on Haley’s policies but disagreed with certain points.

“Prior to going, I knew about a lot of her policies and I didn’t agree with some of them,” Kihanya said. “She talked about the situation between Palestine and Israel, and I learned a lot about that.”

Sophomore Grace Loveland said she’s thankful for the opportunity to go outside of school and hear politicians speak about global issues.

“It was interesting to be a part of a small group that got to hear someone very inspirational who worked really hard to get to where they’re at,” Loveland said. “It was really cool to hear someone with that much power and respect speak about issues in the world.”