SLP Seeds emphasizes diversified discussions

Organization hopes to eliminate hunger in St. Louis Park


Ben Sanford

School board candidate Jim Leuthner speaks to community members at SLP Seeds World Food Day event. SLP Seeds has started hosting discussions with the community to inform residents about the need to address city hunger.

Lilly Strathman

When conversing about hunger Nov. 7, founder of SLP Seeds Julia Rappaport realized the importance of representing multiple perspectives in St. Louis Park by hosting more diverse discussions.

“The more voices we bring to the table, the stronger the effect we have on bettering the community,” Rappaport said.

According Operations Director for SLP Seeds Ariel Steinman, discussions hosted by SLP Seeds are meant for mentioning the importance of food to multiple groups of people.

“Food is central to everything,” Steinman said. “We want to get more people involved in growing their own food and eating healthy foods using the services that are provided here so multiple parts of our community can take care of themselves.”

According to junior intern at SLP Seeds Zoe Frank, obtaining multiple perspectives will help SLP Seeds better their plan.

“The more people we have giving their opinions on what they need, the better we can change our project to fit everyone’s needs,” Frank said. 

Steinman said bringing a variety of voices to these conversations will help bring attention to certain issues. 

“One of our goals is to create awareness and bring the community together,” Steinman said. “We want to get more people from different aspects of the community, which will help spread the word about our ideas regarding healthy food.”

Rappaport said a variety of people will help people better their lifestyle both mentally and physically. 

“Getting people to recognize their diets have so much to do with their health and mental capacity is a goal of ours,” Rappaport said. “The more people we can teach that to, the better.”

Frank said giving back to a variety of people will stregthen the community. 

“Being able to have a diverse group of people giving their input on eliminating hunger in Park will make us a stronger community as a whole,” Frank said.