Mama’s Scrunchies to hold closing sale

Business accomplishes goals


Grace Schultz

Mama’s Scrunchies is having a buy one get one free sale until Dec. 20. Sophomore Luna Labelle runs the business with her mom, they make and sell scrunchies.

Henry Brettingen

According to sophomore and co-owner of Mama’s Scrunchies Luna Labelle, the business will be having a closing sale.

“The sale is buy one get one free,” Labelle said. “Normally you can get one for one dollar, so during the sale you get two scrunchies for one dollar.”

Labelle said the most convenient time to purchase the scrunchies would be during second lunch.

“People buy them in class, but I bring them to second lunch. You can find me easily because I will be the person carrying the large Lululemon bag,” Labelle said.

According to junior Fynn Hammer, the scrunchie sale is an easy way to get holiday gifts.

“The scrunchie sale sounds like a good way to get female family members holiday gifts,” Hammer said.

According to Labelle, the business has helped a friend and his family who was struggling to immigrate to the United States.

“We actually made a fundraiser for our friend to get asylum,” Labelle said. “Because we sold so many, he and his family were able to get asylum and come over from Ethiopia,” Labelle said.

Labelle said all the actual profits from Mama’s Scrunchies have gone to helping their friend. 

“For the past couple months, all the profit (we’ve received) has gone to our friend,” Labelle said. “Before that the sales just went to buying more materials.”

According to Labelle, the business has been going on for six years and has raised a lot of money, accomplishing their goals.

“We accomplished what we set out to do, as we raised over $600,” Labelle said. “We have sold so many and have been selling for almost six years, it just seemed like a natural ending.”