Collaboration leads to success

Special Education classwork effective


Neb Bekele

Special Education student attends gym class as part of the Special Ed curriculum. Special Ed students go to various classes throughout the day.

Tennam Gyaldatsang

According to advisor Taylor Williams, the Special Education Department has been studying for finals. 

“In history, we are doing a World War 1 unit, in chemistry, we are doing an atoms unit,” Williams said. “In both classes, we are just preparing for our finals.”

Senior Ryan Erickson said he enjoys the current subjects in class and keeping up with current events.

“In class, we do math and reading, we also read about the news which is cool,” Erickson said.

Williams said the classes that students are enrolled in vary in degrees.

“For the co-taught chemistry and history classes, it’s just a general education setting with students with Special Ed. sprinkled around the class,” Williams said. “The social-emotional learning class and the academic skills class is more like 12 to 15 to 20 students per class so it’s quieter and more one on one.”

Senior Monica Smigleski said she enjoys the collaboration with other students in class.

“We hang out in class and do work on topics, which is really nice,” Smigleski said.

Williams said the classes may be tough for the students, but building relationships is key to learning. 

“Kids who are struggling or with kids who, with the system that’s been set up in school it’s not good for them or efficient for them or effective,” Williams said. “So I intentionally make relationships with them, which helps their learning.”

Sophomore Destiny Windom said she enjoys school because of the people.

“They’re good people to be around, like the teachers, and they help me when I need help,” Windom said.