Theodore Wirth Trailhead to open Mill Valley Market

Opening postponed as a COVID-19 precaution


Anna Benishek

The new Trailhead restaurant, Mill Valley Market, was suppose to open March 14-17 during the World Cup. However, the restaurant is postponing its opening because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sofia Seewald

After spending hours skiing and enjoying outdoor activities at Theodore Wirth Park, senior Rakesh Plantz said the new restaurant opening at the Trailhead will benefit and unite the community. 

“I’m super excited because I live two minutes away from the Trailhead and I go skiing there,” Plantz said. “It really speaks to what the Trailhead is about — getting people excited about skiing and getting people outside.”

The Mill Valley Market was supposed to open at Theodore Wirth Park during the World Cup March 14–17, however, the event was cancelled out of precaution of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The market is still opening as soon as it can, according to Trails and Trailhead director for Loppet Foundation Isaac Kasper. 

“Mill Valley Market is a spin-off of the Mill Valley Kitchen restaurant,” Kasper said. “Over there it is a sit down restaurant, ours is going to be more of a quick grab and go type of menu with some (meal) options that are longer as well.”

Having protein and getting the right carbs inside of you is beneficial in every way because that’s how you build your strength as an athlete.”

— Senior Rakesh Plantz

The market will be run by Abby and Mike Rakun, the owners of Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park, according to Kasper.

Nordic ski coach and science teacher Pat Hartman said the market is a convenient place to eat and meet people.

“I absolutely want to try it,” Hartman said. “I live really close to it and so I could see going there with friends or my wife, and even just going there for dinner even if I’m not skiing, running or mountain biking. So it’s good to have a little option in the neighborhood.”

Kasper said the healthy options the restaurant offers support the overall mission of the Loppet Foundation.

“If someone goes out for a big bike ride or a long ski, the last thing they’re going to want to do is come in and sit down and eat a heavy, greasy meal,” Kasper said. “All the health gains they get from their activity outdoors will be negated instantly by the meal they eat, so I think it makes a lot of sense to put in a restaurant that has healthy food options that pair with activity.”

According to Plantz, having nutritious food available after outdoor activities is important. 

“Having protein and getting the right carbs inside of you is beneficial in every way because that’s how you build your strength as an athlete,” Plantz said.