Dungeons and Dragons offers an inclusive space

Club encourages creative expression


Laniyah Thornton

Club adviser Dan Ruzek and student Hera Roush discuss game strategies during a Dungeons and Dragons meeting Oct. 11. Dungeons and Dragons meets in A305 after school Mondays and Wednesdays.

Aisha Hersi and Johanna Kaplan

As students interact with teachers and classmates, those in Dungeons and Dragons immerse themselves in a carefully-crafted fantastical world — interacting as their character. According to club advisor Dan Ruzek, Dungeons and Dragons is a collective storytelling experience where students lead the narrative. 

“Kids get to explore their creativity. They get to do something they’re not used to doing and work outside of their comfort zones (and) they get to experience successes and failures at very low stakes,” Ruzek said.

Through a collective set of customs formulated by the students, the clubs organizer Paris Lim said he feels the club is able to unite it’s members. 

“It’s a roleplaying game in which you make a character based on the certain rules that we have set out,” Lim said. “I like the fact that it encourages us to communicate and work together to solve problems. 

The game invokes students to expand on their insight with the many endless possibilities of the game, Ruzek said. 

“You get to take on a character — you’re exploring a world that’s entirely in everyone’s imagination,” Ruzek said. “It’s a game that is really open-ended and the players drive where it’s (going to) go.”

According to freshman Abram Abdullahi, Dungeons and Dragons provides a great opportunity for creativity through designing the game. 

“I’m (going to) hopefully design the characters so that’s going to be my favorite part. (I like designing) a lot of the features — the strengths, the charisma and finding out what works best with what character,” Abdullahi said. 

Students who seek an embracive space to express their imaginations can look to Dungeons and Dragons for that connection, Lim said. 

“It provides a safe welcoming space to people who get into the game or people who have been playing for a long time just to have fun,” Lim said. 

Dungeons and Dragons meets at 3:30-5:30 p.m on Mondays and Thursdays in room A305. To join, contact adviser Dan Ruzek.