SLP Streetwear going in style

Club embraces fashion


Johanna Kaplan

Juniors Keira Trill and Soline Mendez-Duffy unbox clothing donations during meeting. SLP Streetwear meets 3:30pm Wednesdays in A301.

Crystal Diaz and Johanna Kaplan

The art of styling clothes has a striking prevalence in human history, existing for the duration of human history. At Park, those interested in fashion can gather at SLP Streetwear, according to club adviser Peter Dangerfield.

“Streetwear is a place where people who really enjoy fashion and really enjoy making their own clothes (can join together),” Dangerfield said. “If that is what you want, great. We’ve got a spot for you.” 

“The mission of streetwear is to encourage kids to find their own voice through fashion,” Dangerfield said.

According to junior Soline Mendez-Duffy, there is a common misconception that taking part in the fashion world requires heaps of money.

“(One thing we aim to do) is to show that you can be a part of the fashion community and you don’t need to have a big budget,” Mendez-Duffy said. 

Everyone wears clothes and there are a variety of different styles, according to junior Keira Trill. 

“(Fashion) is very versatile and it’s something everyone can relate to because everyone wears clothes,” Trill said.

Expressing yourself with wardrobe choices is difficult for many, but SLP Streetwear welcomes all types of styles, according to Dangerfield. 

“Let’s face it — society as a whole can be very harsh and unforgiving when it comes to how someone looks. And I think streetwear is a place where that (ideology) doesn’t exist,” Dangerfield said.

In SLP Streetwear, members converse about different elements of fashion from various brands and designers, according to Trill.

“We’ll talk about style that is popular now and trends that we like to wear and our opinions on them” Trill saidl

According to Mendez-Duffy, there are positives and negatives when it comes to being a member of Streetwear.

“One pro would be you can get free clothes,” Mendez-Duffy said. “But a con would be (that) sometimes a lot of people don’t show up.” 

Streetwear helps students connect and come together to be inspired by fashion, according to Dangerfield. 

“The mission of streetwear is to encourage kids to find their own voice through fashion,” Dangerfield said.

SLP Streetwear meets Wednesday at 3:30 in A301 for students with a passion for fashion.