Storiole releases new gear

Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ Pride apparel coming soon


Rachel Arkis

Sophomore Avy Cleveland browses the Storiole March 8. The Storiole is open throughout fifth hour.

Lily Nugteren

After the loss of its previous advisor, the Storiole class is going through some big changes. Senior and Storiole staffer Murphy Fries said that although the loss had a big impact on the store, the class and their new advisor are working to return the store to its former glory.

“Last semester with Ms. Ross, and everything that happened with her, that really damaged the class and not having a consistent advisor in our class and having a bunch of random subs was really difficult,” Fries said. “Ms. Lugo’s trying her best to do a really good job of bringing us all back in and making it an actual class again.”

Despite these hardships, the store will be seeing some positive changes coming soon. Advisor Abby Lugo said the class has just released some new apparel.

“The newest thing that we have are Black Lives Matter St. Louis Park shirts and then Park pride supporting LBGTQ+ pride,” Lugo said. “We’re super excited about the shirts coming out, and we’ve had a lot of pre-sales for it. We expect those shirts to be in after spring break.”

Senior Nina Havekost has visited the store numerous times and said she views the Storiole as an asset to the school.

“It’s really cool that we have a student-led store within the school. It’s really hands-on and it’s cool to see our peers working in the store,” Havekost said. “It’s always really fun walking past it and seeing that there’s always a lot of people in there, having fun with everyone smiling — it just adds a level of community to the school.”

The Storiole is currently open every day for during 5th hour, but is hoping to expand its hours soon. For more information on the Storiole, check out its Instagram or its website