Park orchestra treks up north

Players experience unique, fun opportunity


Serena Bovee

Park’s orchestra preforms at Chaska High School Wednesday. The players set up and prepare to play some music Feb. 8.

Jesse Belen

Parks’ orchestra went to Chaska High School Feb. 8, where they met a guest conductor who gave them tips on playing better. Afterwards, they visited the new Asia Mall in Eden Prairie for lunch and came back to school. 

Sophomore violinist Arun Ferran-Sapatnekar said the guest conductor gave great advice. 

“Being with the guest conductor was really helpful,” Ferran-Sapatnekar said. “She gave great tips and ideas for us to use.”

Freshman cellist Lyn Wingenbach said the stories that the guest conductor shared were uplifting and inspiring. 

“I would say my favorite part (about the trip) was the stories that she told,” Wingenbach said. “Her stories were very inspiring and motivational.” 

According to freshman violinist Audrey Martin, in this year’s annual orchestra trip, meeting the guest conductor was a great opportunity. 

“It’s something we do every year,” Martin said. “It’s a good opportunity to learn from somebody who’s been playing their entire life.” 

Ferran-Sapatnekar said part of the trip’s purpose was to have fun as a group. 

“Part of (the trip) was to have the experience of being with the guest conductor and improve our playing, and the other part was to have fun as a group,” Ferran-Sapatnekar said.

Wingenbach said their orchestra teacher (Kou Lee) loves presenting his students with chances to grow, and at the same time, making sure they stay open minded. 

“Kou loves to present us with really cool opportunities to play and learn and grow as musicians, and he was very excited for us to be able to work with the professional,” Wingenbach said. “He was even more excited to bring us to the new Asia Mall. Kou likes to make sure we are open-minded and try new things, which I respect a lot.” 

According to Martin, the trip not only helped her grow as a musician, but it also helped her connect with her fellow comrades. 

“I got to grow as a musician and it was a good learning opportunity,” Martin said. “And I also got to bond with the people from the orchestra.”