ACT coming up at Park

Test to be held March 8


Abby Meisler

Junior Eliana Montero-Ward prepares for the ACT. The test is scheduled to take place on March 8 during Park Connections.

Rachel Arkis

With the ACT approaching in less than a month, students 

have already started preparing. According to junior Vivi Thomas, taking the ACT is important because having good test scores can be beneficial when applying to colleges.

“Although colleges don’t rely on test scores as much as they used to, it’s still important to have at least one test score, whether it be ACT or SAT,” Thomas said. “I personally think that the ACT is better than the SAT because it tests your knowledge more broadly.”

Thomas said that the ACT is important because it’s good practice for future exams.

“The ACT also helps prepare you for bigger tests you might have later in life,” Thomas said. “It helps you learn how to study and prepare for tests like in college.”

The ACT will take place March 8 at St. Louis Park High School.

 Students are already registered in advance unless they have opted out.