AP testing creeps around the corner

Students begin preparation for AP tests


Ari Lissauer

AP European History teacher Greg Goddard teaches about the Russian Revolution March 20. Students prepare for incoming AP exams in May.

Ari Lissauer and Tyler Eoff

As Advanced Placement tests begin in May, many students said they are already beginning to prepare and teachers are offering studying options.

AP Psychology teacher Emily Renhak says her favorite study method is practice tests.

“Psychology shows that the best way to review for a test is to act as if you’re actually taking a test,” Renhak said. “Going through practice questions, practice, FRQs and practice DBQs is going to be most helpful.”

Junior Aaron Bilden said the most effective way to study is through notes.

“I find it best to view all my notes prior to the tests, this is quickest for me to remember everything I already forgot,” Bilden said. “This was the most efficient way I studied before the test last year.”

Sophomore Kellen Haller said he isn’t stressing over too much over his upcoming AP test due to the fact that it doesn’t affect his GPA.

“I will start to study and read the textbook about a month before the test,” Haller says. “I’m not putting too much pressure on myself because it’s not the end of the world if I fail.

Renhak said it is important for students to hold on to their previous notes and materials because active recall is a useful method. 

“Holding on to and reviewing the materials from the entire year is important to make sure you do well,” Renhak said. “A useful method is rewriting personal notes for practice on writing as well as Crash Course videos are all super helpful.”

Haller said he regrets not giving his class the full attention at the beginning of the year because he now has to play catch-up. 

“I wish I paid more attention at the beginning of this year,” Haller said. “I’ll end up learning more new information rather than revising things I know while I study for the test.

According to Bilden, it is important for students to take the test only if they are prepared. 

”I won’t be taking the test this year because I don’t think it is worth it if you aren’t going to pass,” Bilden said. “If I thought I was going to pass, I would take it for the free college credit.”