Music inspires passion, spreads hope


Nebyu Bekele

Music is something I have loved since I was a child. Every time music played on the radio or on television, I used to get up and dance.

As I  grew up, I began developing a special attachment to it. Around age 12 or 13, I realized I wanted to be a part of making it. That’s when I started writing songs and realized the power music has. I began to use music to de-stress from the problems life threw at me.

I used music to cope, and pretty soon I started recording my own songs just to vent and display my emotions.

I started taking it seriously around sophomore year when I dropped my first song, “This Moment.” “This Moment” got over 1,000 streams on Sound-Cloud, which inspired me to keep dropping songs, and since then, I’ve been releasing songs constantly.

My favorite song that I released so far has been “Letter To You.” I spent hours writing it and you can feel the emotions I put into the piece through the lyrics.

The song that I spent a lot of time creating is “Coldest Nights.” The song was made after someone I knew told me they had attempted suicide.

It was an emotional song for me. I spent a lot of time working on it, hoping the people who listen to it will be inspired to keep pushing and love themselves, even when life is hard. The song has the most plays (with more than 1,500). It inspires me to see how many people listen to my songs.

Something that really touched me was when a fan messaged me on Instagram saying my music had saved their life.

Seeing that I had such a huge effect on someone motivated me to keep making more music. I hope I can make something out of songs I create and can inspire more people to pursue their dreams and know that they are enough.