Byerlys lights up the night with 12-foot menorah

First night of Hanukkah commences with celebration


Jordyn Deschamps

Dr. Zach Davidson lights the center of the menorah Dec. 10 at Lunds and Byerlys’ menorah lighting. The menorah lighting commemorates the first night of Hanukkah.

Jordyn Deschamps

Seeing the glow from the menorah gave me hope and filled my heart with joy. This year has changed the way I normally celebrate Hanukkah, and I didn’t know how different it would be, but after seeing the 12-foot menorah lit, I realized some things never change. 

For many, this year has brought many challenges including not being able to see family and friends on holidays.

For the first night of Hanukkah St. Louis Park’s Lunds & Byerlys put on their annual menorah lighting differently. To see it, we all had to stay in our cars.

It definitely felt unlike the rest, I didn’t get to see other people outside of my home. I appreciate that other people are trying to make the best out of the current circumstances. 

As I was pulling up, bunches of people were already lined up and the volunteers handed you a little menorah kit as you drove by and would yell ‘happy Hanukkah,’ trying to keep the spirit alive. 

Those menorah kits were filled with a bunch of glowsticks, cookies and sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts), some fun information about the event and fun props to take pictures with.

People were running up and down, dancing in the lanes in the parking lot with glow sticks.

I loved the sense of community and everyone coming together, after being apart for so long, to celebrate a holiday that is all about miracles and finding light in the darkness. 

As I was looking around, I saw many heads popping out from their sunroofs, children waving their glow sticks around, dancing and singing to the festive holiday music that was playing.

They had a big screen up in the front playing music and also a selfie board where you can send a picture in and watch for it on the screen.  

Along with much dancing and many lights, they had an incredible virtual performance from the band “8 Days.” To top all the celebrations, a light show erupted, with many different colors, showing images of a menorah, dreidel, Jewish stars and more.  

Whenever there is a holiday coming up, I’m excited to see my family and friends, to be a part of something unique to me. Even though this year had many modifications and COVID-19 took away its normal fun, I enjoyed partaking in this huge celebration, bringing new fun I would have never experienced.