Open embrace of PRIDE

Keep pride in our school, classmates and ourselves


Cianny Belen, Writer

Pride month is a very important time for those in the LGBT community. We take this month to celebrate each other, celebrate ourselves and be unapologetic about what makes us colorful, magical and different. Instead of taking the time to ridicule what makes us different, we celebrate what makes us original, and Pride Month is not just for the LGBT community, but the community of allies.

 We are all so unique in our own ways, and Pride Month isn’t just for LGBT pride, but pride for everyone. For centuries, we have been so afraid to be honest with who we are, of our loved ones rejecting us and of our local community shunning us. Pride Month is a time we come out of our shells, reject social norms and flaunt our individuality unapologetically and confidently.

In the 21st century, we live in a world that’s more accepting to our way of living and more encouraging. We have a more bountiful pond of support than our ancestors, and Pride Month encourages Gen Z teenagers, especially, to come out and embrace their sexuality to be their authentic selves.

Homophobes and transphobes alike, give queer people access to a colorful and diverse community that makes them feel seen, loved and unique.

Social media has been the biggest promoting souce for the queer community. Teenagers and adults use platforms to share their colorful stories and help others overcome the fear of backlash from sharing their own.

We aren’t being “turned gay,” and we aren’t getting “sick.” To be frank, so many of us have been hiding our “illness” because of queerphobic people telling us we are sick. Social media has freed us from the terror of being judged, labeled and being held back from being our true selves. People aren’t turning gay, they become more comfortable with being gay, out and proud. We are teaching new generations that they have nothing to be ashamed of, and they are valid, regardless of how they identify themselves.

To all my fellow advocates of Park PRIDE, happy Pride Month. You are all beautiful, valid and amazing.