Park unveils new Action Wednesday options

A look into new second-quarter activities


Taylor Voigt

Quarter two is coming up fast, and with it comes a new Action Wednesday signup. While many teachers will continue with similar options as they had during quarter one, some are introducing new ideas:

College Planning with Mr. Wilkes

In room B238, Mr. Wilkes will host College Planning. Students can get one-on-one help with their college admissions.

Drawing and Quiet Study with Ms. Begin

In room B334, Ms. Begin will host Drawing and Quiet Study. This will give students a quiet place to work or relax and draw with others.

Card Games with Ms. Forsberg

In room B337, Ms. Forsberg will host Card Games. Students will be provided with cards to play many types of card games with friends or relax in a quiet space.

Painting and Cartoons with Ms. Herbst

In room C279, Ms. Herbst will host Painting and Cartoons. Students will be provided with painting supplies to express their creativity while watching cartoons.

Cardio in the Cardio Room with Mr. Keith

In the cardio room, Mr. Keith will host an exercise session. Students will be given the chance to take advantage of the school’s cardio room and work out with their friends.

Trivia for Prizes with Mr. Mahaffey

In room C353, Mr. Mahaffey will host Trivia for Prizes. Students can play different types of trivia games against their peers for prizes.

Basketball Shooting Games with Ms. Nelson

In the main gym, Ms. Nelson will host Basketball Shooting Games. Students can use the gym space to play basketball shooting games like lightning, horse and more.

Chemistry Help with Mr. Wachutka and Mr. Polk

In rooms A306 and A308, Mr. Wachutka and Mr. Polk will host Chemistry Help. Students can use this time as a study hall and a time to get extra help with chemistry.

School Spirit and SnoDaze Planning with Ms. Rennhak and Ms. Weaver

In rooms C371 and B235, Ms. Rennhak and Ms. Weaver will host School Spirit and SnoDaze planning. Students can help plan the upcoming February SnoDaze and discuss ideas to bring to Student Council.

Jackbox with Mr. Schmitz

In room A110, Mr. Schmitz will host Jackbox. Students can play and compete in online party games on Jackbox.

Book Discussion with Ms. Tsuchiya Theiler

In the Media Center, Ms. Tsuchiya Theiler will host Book Discussion. Students can share what they’re currently reading with others and give book suggestions to others.

Students will be able to sign up for their new Action Wednesdays during Park Connections Nov. 2.