Promoting diversity through collaboration

Suh Koller, Staff Writer

A new intercultural club arrives at Park 

A group called All Cultures Community Circle has been created to help ease racial tensions and to prevent the escalation of such tensions within Park, according to its adviser Jeremy Riehle.

“We want to be proactive and address these issues before anything serious happens,” Riehle said.

Sophomore Aren Rosholt said he thinks it is important for schools to play a role in easing the tensions between students.

“Schools need to step up on working to bring down racial tensions,” Rosholt said.

Created by adviser Oscar Reed, the new group hopes to gain 25 members to represent each of Park’s cultures and forming a secure and supportive community within the student body. Building a sense of acceptance and tolerance in both the high school and the Park community is also an objective of All Cultures Community Circle, according to Riehle.

“We want our school to be represented in a non-traditional way. 60 to 63 percent of our students are Caucasian, so we want this group to be equally dispersed,” Riehle said.

Senior Fatuma Mohamud said she thinks the creation of the group is very important for students.

“I think it will help give people insight on other cultures,” Mohamud said. “By doing this, people might begin to understand one another.”

Students who wish to join the group can sign up April 12 in the counseling office. There will be two meetings later in the year which will last for an entire class period and during the meetings, students from different cultures are offered an opportunity to communicate among themselves. The discussions are to be facilitated by either Riehle or Reed.