Musicians explore space and time

POPS concert offers leadership roles to younger members

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Musicians explore space and time

Claire Steffehagen

Claire Steffehagen

Claire Steffehagen

Ivy Kaplan, Junior Copy Editor

At other band concerts it may seem unacceptable to perform while wearing a Darth Vader mask, but at the upcoming POPS band concert, it’s actually encouraged.

This year, the band plans on performing the theme “Through Space and Time” to set the stage for its annual POPS concert.

According to band director Steve Schmitz, the performance includes pieces from popular shows and movies that students are familiar with.

“We’re playing music that would have something to do with space or movies and shows that would that would have to do with space and time travel as well,” Schmitz said. “Some of the music that people would hear would include ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Rocketeer,’ ‘E.T.’ and ‘Doctor Who.’”

Another important aspect of the performance is the student leadership and that goes into its preparation.

“There’s something called a POPS council that decides the theme and helps decide what music each band should perform and the students create the scene changes,” Schmitz said. “They have to come up with the skits, they have to come up with the art that would go on the T-shirts and tickets and posters, so it’s more student led.”

Junior band member Ben Takata said he enjoys the opportunities to assume leadership roles and help with the planning of the performance.

“It’s more student-oriented,” Takata said. “A lot of it is run by the students. Students think up the theme and everything that goes into it, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Although within the concert all bands play individual pieces, they come together at the end for one final collaborative song.

Freshman Maddie Cook said this collaboration is different from other band concerts.

“I think it’s really cool we all get to play together, and see how much we’ve grown and how much we can grow as we advance through the bands,” Cook said.

As a result of the student involvement, senior Rachel Tollefsrud said she thinks the concert is more entertaining for students and audience members.

“I look forward to POPS because it is largely more creative and fun than some of our other concerts just because we play music everyone knows, we get to do skits, we get T-shirts. It’s just a lot of fun,” Tollefsrud said.

The POPS concert takes place at 7 p.m.  March 11 in the Auditorium. Additionally there is a dinner in the cafeteria at 6 p.m. beforehand featuring the jazz band.

Tickets for the dinner are available beforehand at $7 for students under 18 and $10 for adults, but the concert itself is free.

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