Preparing for the competitions

Teams Gama Force and Sigma Force picked for science olympiad

Shoshi Leviton

Although it isn’t until Feb., Science Olympiad is already beginning preparation for their regional competition. The club is doing so by dividing into different teams. The teams were announced on Oct. 29 and each team works on specializing in a different scientific related event.

“People will start finding out their teams on Wednesday,” adviser Ms. Magdal said. “Once they have their teams they will start preparing for the competition.”

Once the teams are assigned, they start to prepare for the two or three events that they compete in, in pairs. Science Olympiad is divided into two teams, Team Gama Force and Team Sigma Force.

Sophomore Maddie Cook is on Team Gama Force along with 12 others members of Science Olympiad. Cook is competing in two events for her team

“I am doing an event called “It’s About Time” and geological mapping,” Cook said.

For “It’s About Time” Cook, along with her teammate junior Allison Cramer, have to build a non electrical device that can measure time in intervals between ten and 300 seconds.  The teams will practice at each Science Olympiad meeting in preparation for the regional competition.

The next Science Olympiad meeting will be at 3:20 p.m., Dec. 10 in room A308.