Day One prepares to entertain

Group plans new activities for first day of school


Joe Brandel, Ethan Brown, and

As summer dwindles, students prepare for an early awakening on the first day of school. Day One adviser Danya Castro said she hopes to make that first alarm a bit sweeter.

Castro began leading Day One three-and-a-half years ago and said she tries to focus on making the first day of school as easy as possible.

The mission is to create a space for all students to feel welcomed and supported in a fun environment,” Castro said. “We want to have students and staff come together in a different style and connect on a different level than just in a classroom.”

Castro, although the leader of the club, said she doesn’t handle all the planning. She said she likes to give the students opportunities as well, and looks forward to reconnecting with the club’s members.

“I help drive the planning and lead it a little bit, but I try to let the students handle many of the responsibilities,” Castro said. “I am excited to see all the students again and even returning students that have said they would come back to help.”

“We want to have students and staff come together in a different style and connect on a different level than just in a classroom.”

— Danya Castro

Senior Sharon Moranga, who has helped plan Day One since her sophomore year, said she believes Day One is a great way to start the school year without having to be in the classroom.

“I think Day One is a good alternative for the first day of school,” Moranga said. “It welcomes students back in a fun way and just kicks off the year right.”

Senior Totaram Brijmohan said he enjoys helping organize Day One because it is an extracurricular with a positive environment.

“I enjoy the planning, the fun clashing with friends and practicing during the summer for the show,” Brijmohan said.

Brijmohan said he believes Day One helps ease students back into school in an entertaining way.

“Day One helps people make new friends through all the activities and enjoy one last day of relaxing before school starts,” Brijmohan said.

Moranga said she recognizes Day One’s planning can be a struggle because students are busy during the summer.

“The biggest struggle about organizing Day One is being able to find days and times that fit with everybody’s schedule,” Moranga said. “But in the end, we always find time to practice and are ready by the first day.”

Day One plans to expand as a group by adding more events throughout the year, according to Brijmohan, but the club will keep its activities a secret for now.

“We do the multicultural show and we’re planning on expanding a bit, but the rest is classified,” Brijmohan said.