Student council works to improve school spirit

Members focus on increased involvement

Adah Koivula

Student council members hope that with an increased number of members, events will see an increased number of participants as well.

Senior council treasurer Eric Hendricks said he hopes adding members will lead to more hands available to help with events.

“This year we are taking more members to the council and trying to get as many people with as many different opinions and really opening up communication with more people in the student body,” Hendricks said.

Student council secretary junior Megan Aune said goals this year surround student involvement and communication, with hopes to better connect with students. Aune said the increase in council members from 30 to roughly 40 should help with outreach.

“With more people we can reach other people and see others’ opinions,” Aune said.

Adviser Sarah Lindenberg said the council wants to increase student involvement in events.

“The council always has this (student involvement) as a priority,” Lindenberg said.

Senior council president Jessica Schmidt said she hopes that by shaking things up this year, more students will be eager to participate.

“We are trying to add a bunch of new events this year and overall boost student attendance at events,” Schmidt said.

Lindenberg said all of these changes are part of an attempt to increase school spirit through fostering a strong connection with the diverse population of Park students.

“I attended SLP high school and Park pride was a huge deal,” Lindenberg said. “Everyone went to pep fests, huge crowds were at all football games and it was so much fun.”

Sophomore Joshua Somaiah said he thinks student council members’ attitudes during pep fests lack energy.

“I like the effort student council has but there is not much enthusiasm,” Somaiah said.

Hendricks said the council hopes to make the interaction between the student body and the council more enjoyable.

“Our goal this year is definitely to make it a very good experience for the student body and make it a fun year,” Hendricks said. “Our goals are to open up to the student body, trying to connect even more to the students as a whole.”

Lindenberg said the Sept. 1 council meeting will focus on solidifying events for the upcoming year.