Blood banks increase donation plea

Low supply of blood prompts additional school blood drive

Adah Koivula

Those eager to help the needy and willing to endure a little bit of nausea will find an extra opportunity to give blood this year.

Senior and student council co-president Jessica Schmidt said student council decided to host a third blood drive this year to help out the Memorial Blood Center.

“The blood banks are really low and in desperate need for blood. A lot was used over the summer but not much was donated,” Schmidt said.

This will be the first blood drive of the year. The other drives are typically in December and March. Student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said Memorial Blood Center works primarily with high schools because they are more willing to host a blood drive.

“(Blood banks) had a lull over the summer when schools are not in session. Schools are their best customers to work with,” Lindenberg said.

Student council, in coordination with Memorial Blood Center, will be hosting the first of three blood drives this year 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 24, in a different setting than usual.

“It’s a ‘bloodmobile,’ so it’s not the traditional set up in the gym. It will be outside of the circle,”  Lindenberg said.

Hospitals are in desperate need for blood. Lindenberg said donating blood is a great way to help out the community. Last year, Park donated around 60 units of blood at the first blood drive.

“In times of emergency, it’s an easy way to help out,” Lindenberg said. “It really can help save someone’s life.”

The Memorial Blood Center advises to eat a good breakfast before donating blood. To donate, you must be 17, or 16 with a signed permission slip.

Junior Ernesto Garcia donated last year, and said he will be donating this year.

“It’s a good way to help others and everyone should do it if they are able to,” Garcia said.