Club changes fundraising approach

Roots and Shoots sells compost for new project

Sydney Hall

While many clubs and activities sell chocolate bars or coupon cards for their fundraisers, Roots and Shoots employs an alternative approach.

Roots and Shoots will sell compost to raise money for upcoming projects, according to adviser Al Wachutka.

“We want to make a demo aquaponics tank,” Wachutka said. “There’s plans for a pollinator garden to be put in in the spring, and some of the funds would be used for that as well.”Roots & Shoots

According to Wachutka, through SLP Environment and Sustainability Commission member Judy Voight, the club was able to make this fundraiser a reality.

Voigt has worked as a part of the St. Louis Park Environment and Sustainability Commission, and through her work, she helped create The Mulch Store.

The Mulch Store helps companies and clubs raise money by selling compost, according to Voigt.

“I talked to the Mulch Store and they had this pamphlet about doing a fundraiser, and that’s how we got the idea,” Voigt said. “I googled it and found that usually you make between $1,000-2,000, which is perfect for the club.”

Junior Kailey Delozier said Voight helped guide the club using her experience in sustainable and environmentally conscious education.

“Voight was able to get us going because she knew of a hotel in St. Paul that did this same fundraiser earlier this year, and that’s how we got the idea,” Delozier said.

The fundraiser takes place 10 a.m.-5p.m. Oct. 10-11 at Central Community Center. 20 lb bags of compost cost $5.