Student Council hosts mini golf

Non-Traditional Academy partners for night of putt putt

Adah Koivula

Student Council invited mini golfers and engineers to attend the mini golf course at the high school, but lack of promotion about the event resulted in a low turnout, according to senior Student Council member Jonathan Ayele.

Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said the council hosted mini golf Jan. 11, where the Non-Traditional Academy built nine to 10 holes comprising the main course and students from Park competed to design the rest of the course.

Lindenberg said Student Council hoped to appeal to everyone with the event, especially with the design aspect.

“Our inspiration (was) The Walker Art Center’s mini golf course,” Lindenberg said. “Their course gets people involved and we wanted to make it fun for the students and the Walker has good success.”

Lindenberg said students formed teams, submitted design ideas and built a single-hole course for others to play.

Ayele said he thought students would enjoy the mini golf course because it allows peers to show their creativity and enjoy themselves, but low turnout proved otherwise.

“Not many people showed up. I’m pretty sure about four kids did,” Ayele said. “It was what I expected since there wasn’t much talk about it or people signing up.”

Freshman Student Council member Finn Reddan attended the event and said although few people showed up, he enjoyed himself.

“There wasn’t a huge turnout, but I enjoyed it and the holes were a lot better than I expected,” Reddan said.

Ayele said the next time Student Council hosts an event there will be new plans to increase the number of attendees.

“We will make more announcements in school, and tweet more from the account and more word-of-mouth,” Ayele said.

Attendees not a part of Student Council declined to comment.