Echowan photographs clubs, showcases art

Pictures, submissions capture memories


Jada Csikos-Monroe

Senior and editor-in-chief Madeline Djerf talks with adviser Julianne Herbert about the upcoming yearbook.

Alec Pittman

Beginning at the start of the school day and going until 2:50 p.m., Echowan photo editors will take club photos, according to Echowan editor-in-chief senior Madeline Djerf.

Djerf said the amount of time dedicated to taking the photos March 18 poses a difficulty many students don’t recognize.

“We are starting pictures at 8:20 and our last picture right now is at 2:50. So from the very start of school to only 20 minutes of wiggle room at the end of the day — it’s gonna be jam packed,” Djerf said. “Organizing the times is a big job that people aren’t aware of.”

According to Djerf, the photos will provide a chance to include students who might not get an opportunity to be in the yearbook.

“I think one of the things that makes our school super unique and special is how we have so many different clubs and different opportunities for students to get involved in,” Djerf said. “Club photos are important because those group photos are a way to highlight clubs at our school that we otherwise don’t have space for in our book.”

Sophomore Sam Wooden, a member of the Park Singers, said the photos will help capture memories.

“When you’re older it helps you remember the club and your time there,” Wooden said. “You remember ‘I had fun with this club and these people. They were fun to work with and fun to talk to.’”

According to Djerf, Echowan also began accepting art submissions for its fourth package.

“They are a way to showcase students and their hard work and things that they are proud of,” Djerf said. “If they have submitted it they want their classmates or peers to see it so that’s something that’s cool and we are able to showcase.”

Djerf said March becomes an active month for the Echowan staff.

“March is always busy with end of fourth package, beginning of fifth package. New minor staffer next year, new major staffer next year and all that kind of stuff,” Djerf said. “It’s just a busy time I guess.”

Art submissions are due by 3:10 p.m. friday in B229.