Feminism club touches on current issues

Club looks to make high schoolers aware of feminist issues


Kailey DeLoizier

Seniors Kirby Goodman, Chloe O'Gara and Sydney Hall discuss potential topics for the year at the meeting Oct. 7. Feminism club will meet in room C377

Amaia Barajas

Senior Kirby Goodman got the idea of starting a feminist club at the school to educate students on feminist issues.

According to Goodman, members will aid in choosing topics.

“We’re going to get ideas from the members at our first meeting, but at this point, we’re thinking of talking about what feminism means to each person, the wage gap — especially for women of color, politics and feminism,” Goodman said.

Adviser Carley Kregness said she wants the club to be a place where students can be passionate.

“I believe in the cause, but I also want to support students who are passionate about an issue that they care about, whatever it is, as long as it’s something I respect,” Kregness said.

Goodman said she hopes people of different backgrounds come to make the club as diverse and intersectional as possible.

“I’m looking for people that aren’t just girls, people of all backgrounds because the school has a lot diversity,” Goodman said.

“It would be a shame if the club didn’t have that, because feminism of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds is really important,” Goodman said.

Senior Freja Olsen said she looks forward to the new club.

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-45-57-am“I am most excited for the discussions that we will be having and sort of trying to get more and more people into the club, to discuss things with people I don’t see everyday,” Olsen said.

Senior Chloe O’Gara said she hopes the club will bring forward new opinions on feminism.

“Hopefully it brings more acceptance into feminism, or it gets people to recognize that a lot of people are for it and that it’s not something to be afraid of, it’s not something that’s taboo or untouchable,” O’Gara said. “We have a lot of boys in our club so hopefully it creates kind of a vibe that there’s nothing wrong with being a man and a feminist.”

Kregness said she wants the club to be meaningful.

“I’m hoping for it to be meaningful for the people here and for them to be passionate about it,” Kregness said.