Park Tech struggles with advertising, laptop computer services

Club strives to gain more customers

Dani Orloff and Breanna Thompson

When senior Garrett Briggs reflects on Park Tech’s current laptop project, he said the screen presents challenges because it created a variety of problems to be fixed.

According to Park Tech adviser Jake Utities, Park Tech is currently working on fixing a laptop computer for a customer.

“We replaced the computer screen, and now it is not receiving enough power and now we are just trying to troubleshoot that. It won’t turn on now, so we’re trying to figure that out now,” Utities said. “It’s an unexpected problem, (and) it shouldn’t be happening.”

Utities said Park Tech struggles with advertising its computer repair services.

“The biggest challenge is getting computers (and) getting people that need their computers fixed,” Utities said. “We just recently have started getting a big influx of computers, but before that it was months of not having any computers, so we really need to work on advertising more and I think that is going to be a big part of us going forward.”

Briggs said Park Tech’s prices for fixing computers remain significantly lower than other local competitors.

“The most we charge for a repair is 20 bucks. Normally that is outrageously low (because) that is next to nothing for a repair,” Briggs said. “Otherwise, we charge for parts and up to twenty bucks for work.”

Senior tech lead Amanda Erdmann said prior experience with fixing computers is not required for students to be a member of Park Tech.

“I took A+ computer tech beforehand, but we have people who apprentice on jobs, like I’m a tech lead,” Erdmann said. “I will show them the ropes and if Mr. Utities think they’ve done a good job, then they can work on computers with similar problems.”

Utities said Park Tech allows students who are underrepresented in other clubs to express themselves.

“One of my favorite things about Park Tech is that we don’t proclaim anybody above anybody else. We are all equal here, (and) we are all accepted,” Utities said. “Whereas other places you feel like you have to earn your welcome, here you are automatically welcome, so I think that’s a cool thing about our club.”

According to Briggs, Park Tech meets immediately after school in room B117. The club is open until 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. Students can join Park Tech anytime this year and should contact [email protected] or visit its website with any questions.