NHS members gain leg up with college applications

Commitment increases chances of selection


Mara Zata

Senior Ubah Abdullahi speaks at the second NHS meeting held on Oct. 6

Marta Hill and Isabel Kjaer

Senior National Honor Society officer Ubah Abdullahi said she had college applications in mind when she applied to be an officer.

Abdullahi said she believes colleges look at National Honor Society (NHS) officers favorably.

Being an officer definately will show that you are a committed person, that you show leadership and you are pursuing communal work,” Abdullahi said.

Being an officer separates students from their peers during the application process, according to Abdullahi.

“I think it sets me in a way where I’m apart from my peers because it’s more of a leadership position and it shows character and I think colleges really validate and appreciate that on a resume,” Abdullahi said.

According to adviser Jill Merkle, NHS is an optional, but ambitious opportunity available to some students to boost their odds in the admissions procedure.

(Being in NHS) shows that you are really committed to academic success and are also committed to your community and doing volunteering,” Merkle said. “(Colleges) know that it’s a group that you don’t have to do, but one that can be highly demanding. So if kids chose to do it, it looks really good.”

According to Abdullahi, students can also increase their chances in the application process by participating in other strict voluntary activities.

I think putting yourself out there, doing extra activities (and) making time to do things that aren’t expected of you (looks good on college resumes),” Abdullahi said. “Those are things that obviously are characteristics that define you and make you stand out in a crowd.”

According to Abdullahi, the level of commitment needed and the rigorous requirements mean there is no real consequence of being a part of NHS.

I really can’t think of a way it can hurt you because you’re honestly helping your community,” Abdullahi said.

The next NHS meeting is at 7:30 a.m. Nov. 11 in room C350.