Spanish club combines fun and education

Teacher shares cultural background


Mara Zapata

Spanish cub members practice Salsa dancing. They learned the dance through Profe Anderson’s class.

Marta Hill and Isabel Kjaer

Learning common Latin dances gave Spanish club leader junior Katie Christiansen a chance to get out of her comfort zone while learning about another culture.

“It is cool for me to get out there and do something that I don’t normally do,” Christiansen said.

According to Christensen, the experience allowed her the opportunity to have fun, while not worrying about others’ opinions.

“I have learned to kind of not take myself so seriously, so not being super uptight about how great of a dancer I am or how well I know the music. Having fun is what’s important,” Christiansen said.

Spanish teacher Hanna Anderson said she hopes to spread an interest in Latin dance by doing dance sessions through the club.

“Just to share the passion with other students and to share that love for dancing that I think in general a lot of Latino people have (is my goal),” Anderson said.

According to Anderson, dancing has been a part of her life in many ways, even since her childhood.  

“I’ve been dancing since I can remember, since I was four. Just dancing with my family dancing with my dad, dancing in family parties, dancing in quinceaneras, later dancing with friends in ‘discotecas’ or what they would call clubs,” Anderson said.

Christiansen said Anderson finds joy in educating students about Spanish culture in an accepting environment.

“She is super happy to teach, so having that part of Spanish culture be so open and not as intimidating to people who haven’t had an experience with salsa dancing,” Christiansen said.

According to junior Caroline Garland, the Spanish club is a way for students to freely dance without constraint.

“I think everybody would benefit from (learning dances) because it teaches you to let go of the conception that people will judge you for coming and dancing. They might (judge), but everybody needs to let go that and just have fun,” Garland said.

The club’s next meeting is 3:30 p.m. Nov. 29 in room B235.