Art Tech plans renovations and reconfigurations

Department to utilize referendum


Cecil Jacobson

Freshmen Anton Lyme works on his final project for Graphic Design on Jan. 16. Media Arts is one of several art tech classes Paulson teaches.

Emma Kempf and Maddie Lund

Head of the Art Technology department Trevor Paulson said he plans to take advantage of the referendum to create new Art Tech spaces and bring about improvements in the department.

“We are still trying to acquire a couple other tools and equipment,” Paulson said. “Part of the goal with creating that space is to move some rooms around and rededicate some spaces. Then we would have a space from the pottery room to the woodshop room that would become a fab lab.”

Paulson said the fab lab, which would incorporate tools for embroidering, shirt design, stickers, and oth

er crafts, would be available for use of other classes in addition to Art Tech classes.

“Whether it’s for engineering classes or something (students) want to create for physics or another class they want to present projects for, they can create a lot it in that space,” Paulson said.

Junior Isaac Swartz said he would like to see change in the department from the referendum because the department doesn’t have a wide range of accessible tools and technology.

“(It would be nice) to have a place where kids can come up with ideas and then build a prototype for it, and just be able to use your creativity, and it’d still be school, so kids would want to come and do it,” Swartz said.

According to Swartz, the changes are important because they bring more of the real world into the school.

“We have so many art classes and other stuff, specifically engineering classes that are specifically for this career path, so why not have the tools that can get you ahead already,” Swartz said. “If you want to do it, it’s a perfect way before college to figure out what you want to do.”

Paulson said he does not know when the Art Tech department changes might happen, but he hopes they will occur sooner rather than later.