School club creates community

Dungeons & Dragons sparks imagination

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School club creates community

David Bryant

Physics teacher and club adviser Daniel Ruzek said since his introduction to the Dungeons & Dragons club, he continues to enjoy the experience and people involved.

“I was strong-armed into the club by two kids last year, and I thought it sounded easy enough and could be a fun experience,” Ruzek said.“It kind of took off, so we have a lot more kids than we had last year, and we are having a great time with it.”

Junior Zion Chappell said he leads the club, advertising for people to come and dictating one of the groups as dungeon master.

“My role is the dungeon master of one of the groups, it’s kind of a narrator of sorts. I am also in ways the PR of the club, which I try to get people coming,” Chappell said.

Senior Elijah Gray said the limitless amount of options and displays of creativity in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) keep him coming back and allows him the freedom to interpret the game however he wants.

“I really enjoy the spontaneous things you can do, playing crazy scenarios you can come up with, if you have a cool idea for a character or adventure you can make it happen, but somebody could also take that and interpret it in their own way,” Gray said.

Freshman Dayton Rowland said the club is great for him to meet new people and create new relationships.

“I like the community the group has, I rarely socialize outside of this club so it’s a fun way to get out there and meet new people,” Rowland said.

Ruzek said his group is currently doing a mission revolving around exploration from the publishers of the game, but missions can also be made from scratch.

“I am running a module which the publishers of the game print called ‘Tombs of Annihilation,’ and it’s a story of characters going through the jungle trying to find out what this death curse is and fighting all kinds of monsters and solving mysteries and exploring,” Ruzek said.

Chappell said the game brings him back to his childhood imagination.

“You can never really get bored. There’s always something new to D&D. It isn’t about confined story lines, it’s about overarching stories. Even in one particular world there can be all sorts of things that can happen,” Chappell said. “It’s very comparable to as a kid where you can have thousands of adventures every day. It’s that exact feeling of creativity and imagination except we are a little bit older, so we have to have rules.”

According to Ruzek, the club meets 3:10 – 5 p.m. every Monday and Thursday in room A305.

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