Mixed-media competition sparks interest within art classes

BARR program celebrates anniversary


Abby Prestholdt

Junior Hattie Kugler glues different colored swatches together to make a collage during her fifth hour mixed media arts Oct. 3. She is making this project for the invitation to the BARR National Conference in April.

David Bryant

According to mixed-media arts teacher Martha Ortman, her class was asked to design a poster for Building Assets Reducing Risks’ 20th anniversary.

“My class, mixed-media, is creating art that has an urban feel to it, hopefully uses the Building Assets Reducing Risks (BARR) colors and might use the number 20 because it’s the 20th anniversary of this program,” Ortman said.

Junior Hattie Kugler said she was designing an invitation for the BARR anniversary using magazine cutouts.

“I am using parts of cut out computers from magazines to use as buildings in my design, and I’m also using tissue paper in it to give it texture,” Kugler said.

Senior Ashley Severson said her design was focused on the rainbow in BARR’s logo.

“I am doing a brick background with mannequins in the front wearing the BARR colors,” Severson said.

Ortman said BARR wanted the poster’s aesthetic to have an industrial look to match with the core values of the company.

“Carrie Jennissen, who is the spearhead for creating the artwork for this assignment, said she just wanted something that has an urban feel to it, so it’s not in the country and not fluffy or flowery, so things that are in an urban setting like buildings bricks and metal,” Ortman said.

Severson said designing was a fun opportunity.

“The process of trying to find materials is pretty interesting as we try to figure out different textures to put in the piece and see how they can work together,” Severson said.

Ortman said the opportunity is a great creative outlet for anyone who can work well with minimal restrictions.

“The project has a lot of openness and is all their voice instead of an assigned project, so they can choose to do whatever they want,” Ortman said.