Theater prepares for opening night of ‘9 to 5 the Musical’

Cast and crew work on finishing touches during dress rehearsals


Emily Ziessman

Sophomore Phoebe McKinney and seniors Evie Nelson and Emma Yarger rehearse a song during tech week for the fall musical. Opening night for '9 to 5 the Musical' is Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. with more performances to follow next weekend.

Maggie Klaers and Sofia Seewald

Junior crew member Euan Lim said theater’s tech week for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ is all about feeling prepared going into performance day.

“Tech week, it’s crazy, but it’s going pretty well,” Lim said. “(We) just (have some) last few minimal changes and detail oriented things to make sure everything is going to look good and not sloppy.”

Theater director Jodi Hatzenbeller said the week leading up to opening night can be draining, but the program is working hard to have a successful show.

“Tech week is always stressful, but it all comes together because we’ve got an amazingly talented cast and the crew has been working long hours to make sure everything is ready for Friday night,” Hatzenbeller said.

As a member of the cast, senior Morganna Oberdorfer said tech week is demanding, but is valuable preparation for the upcoming shows.

“Tech week has been pretty stressful, but other than that, we’ve been really productive and we’ve gotten a lot of work done,” Oberdorfer said.

According to Lim, the costumes crew’s job is to get the cast in wardrobe for the dress rehearsals.

“The costumes are in the dressing room and we help people with their hair if they need it and then after all the little bits are taken care of and the cast is in costume, then they go through a whole rehearsal,” Lim said.

According to Oberdorfer, the cast and crew practice the full show in costume each day during tech week.

“The rehearsals are a lot longer. Everyday we get to the theater, get into costume, do our mics, and then we warm up. Then we do a run of the show, and after that we get our notes from all the directors,” Oberdorfer said. “The next day we come back and do the same thing and fix whatever notes they gave us.”

Hatzenbeller said she cannot wait to see what opening night brings, and is excited to see the students perform the musical independently for the first time.

“I love the moment when it all just comes together and the students take over,” Hatzenbeller said. “That’s one of the great things about our program, is that the students run everything backstage, and they really run the performance once the lights go up on opening night.”

‘9 to 5 the Musical’ will be performed for the first time at 7 p.m. on Nov. 9 at the St. Louis Park High School auditorium. Other performance dates include Nov. 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18. Tickets cost $5 for students and $7 for adults.