Poetry slam stimulates talent

36 Arts club event proves inspiring


Ruthie Posada

Junior Anika Jamison shares her artwork at the 36 Arts poetry slam and art share. 36 Arts meets Tuesdays before school.

Dahlia Krebs, Mira Malka, and Ruthie Posada

Senior Nechama Buchbinder, president of 36 Arts, said her reason for having a poetry slam was to allow students to show off the art they have made.

“This poetry slam and art share was really a good way for students to express themselves and share their art,” Buchbinder said.

The 36 Arts club held a student poetry slam and art share at 3:15 on Monday, Nov. 26 in C367.

Senior Lola Adelabu said she came even though she didn’t bring any of her art because she wanted to see what other students had created.

“I really wanted to see what people had in store for art and what they did for art,” said Adelabu.

According to freshman Ilhan Abdi, she participated in order to show what she could do and help others do the same.

“I wanted to do this because I wanted to inspire others and to show my okay art skills,” said Ilhan Abdi.

Buchbinder said it was great having students who did not prepare anything come just to see the other student’s art

“It’s really good for students to share their artwork because it’s inspiring to the people watching because we have some people who come not to share their own work but to watch everyone else and listen to other poetry,” said Buchbinder.

Adelabu said she hopes because of this event, students will find others who also do art.

“They can find others who do art because I feel like people don’t really know other people who do art here,” Adelabu said.

According to junior Yoni Potter, having an event like this was a great way to help students feel accomplished of their art,

“It’s a great way for people to feel proud of the work they’ve done and for others to appreciate it,” said Potter. “It’s great to inspire each other.”