Multicultural show to occur April 12

Participants aim for inclusive environment


Noah Orloff

Junior multicultural show leader Zahra Mohamed and senior Sabriyyah Bilal speak to participants during Multicultural Show practice March 28. According to Mohamed, the event will be held April 12.

Dani Orloff and Noah Orloff

As junior multicultural show leader Zahra Mohamed reflected on past shows, she said after performing at the multicultural show for multiple years she was ready to take on a greater leadership role.

“This year, we kind of felt like it wasn’t going to happen, and we wanted to do something different, so one (performance) during school and something after school. That’s when we started taking things into our own hands and tried to get people to join and look for teachers who could help us with the after-school part of it,” Mohamed said.

Grade level coordinator (GLC) Donielle Singer, who is supervising his first multicultural show, said in addition to learning about other cultures, the performance provides an opportunity for individual reflection.

“Here at St. Louis Park we have a very diverse population, and I also think the rest of the student population may or may not know a lot as it pertains to their cultures and their roots from their respective countries. I think this is just a platform for them to showcase that and have people learn and maybe find a new interest,” Singer said.

Junior multicultural show leader Muna Hussin said one of her responsibilities is to promote the show to those in the community.

“Promoting it around the school (is a part of the role),” Hussin said. “There are papers and posters and also on social media posting it (to notify students).”

According to Hussin, representation of different students’ backgrounds is essential when compiling the show.

“Showing different cultures that people have and appreciating them (is important),” Hussin said. “And, also showing cultures that are in our school.”

Mohamed said the leadership’s goal for this year’s show was to introduce new pieces into the performance.

“We want to start off by going around interviewing people like the Black History Month show — how Chris (Weaver) had this video where he was interviewing people — so we kind of wanted to do something like that but then ask people about their culture. We never did that so that’s kind of new,” Mohamed said.

In addition to including video footage into the performance, according to junior show leader Sutra Abdullahi, there will be a multicultural show performed in the evening for the community for the first time.

“This is going to be the first performance after school, like a multicultural night,” Abdullahi said.

Singer said the show provides a platform in a safe environment to expose their peers to the different backgrounds that make up Park’s student body.

“I think the overall goal of the multicultural show is just to express another side of the students,” Singer said. “We have some students who are more reserved than others so this is just an opportunity for them to voice who they are personally and may be even spiritually and culturally.”

Mohamed said enjoying past performances has encouraged future participation.

“I mean I’ve been performing in front of people for the longest now,” Mohamed said.

According to Hussin, the multicultural show will be held April 12 in the Auditorium. Hussin said there will be opportunities to watch the show during fourth and sixth hour and also after the school day.