Senior travels to Uganda

Grace Lynch aids South Sudanese kids in refugee camp


Photo used with permission by Grace Lynch

Maria Perez-Barriga

As senior Grace Lynch and 12 others arrived in Uganda March 20, they were able to visit a refugee camp with many huts in which South Sudanese refugee kids were living.

“I went with a group of 12 people through my church. We were working with this organization that houses South Sudanese refugee kids in Northern Uganda, and they go to school there and live there,” Lynch said

Lynch said she got to see many of the refugee kids she had met from her previous trip to Uganda last year, and had a nice time getting to talk with them again.

“Last year I left not knowing if I would ever see any of the kids again and I had the amazing opportunity of going to a refugee camp, and I happen to see them there and it was really cool,” Lynch said.

According to Lynch, it was an influential experience seeing the layout of the refugee camp where South Sudanese people are living.

“We were in this one refugee camp (and) it was this super packed place where people were living in huts and were super close to each other,” Lynch said. “I think it was crazy being there. I kind of felt out of place, but I was really grateful for the opportunity of getting to go there.”

Senior Gabby McCaa said Lynch is kind and strives to assist others in need.

“She is such an amazing person. She is very giving and caring and super fun to be around,” McCaa said.

Lynch said she was amazed by the South Sudanese refugees’ strong spirits. And despite their limited resources, they remained optimistic.

“It was really powerful. I think that is one of the main things is just knowing how little these people have, yet they are filled with so much joy. It was an amazing experience to get to see the people again,” Lynch said.

McCaa said she expected Lynch to go to Uganda to help the refugee kids.

“I wasn’t surprised honestly. It is something that I see her doing and she just likes to help those around her,” McCaa said.

According to Lynch, she sees herself visiting Uganda a great deal in the future, and probably going next year to the refugee camp to hopefully see the kids again.

“I would love to go back. I see myself visiting many times. Hopefully I will go back next year,” Lynch said.