Festival celebrates Latino culture

Club event promotes cultural inclusivity


Multicultural liaison Carmen Rudin blindfolds junior Victoria Caraballo as she prepares to hit the piñata during the celebration May 2. The group celebrated during fifth hour May 2.

Noah Orloff

As junior Victoria Caraballo smashed the piñata open, leading to cheers, candy and chaos, she said she felt validated by Latino Association Day May 2.

“It was so fun. Everyone was telling me that I couldn’t do it because they thought I was weak but I proved them wrong,” Caraballo said.

Senior Margarito Castañeda said he enjoyed the cultural celebration and liked the piñata the most.

“I love my culture. I love the colors. I love the candy. It’s just a big celebration for us,” Castañeda said.

Caraballo said organizers set up the event May 2 near the end of the day and the celebration allowed people to recognize and celebrate groups within Park.

“(May 1) during seventh hour we decorated the lunchroom,” Caraballo said. “I was just celebrating with the whole community, since we don’t really have a big population in Park.

It was just kind of fun to have everyone together,” Caraballo said.

Park’s multicultural liaison Carmen Rudin said she hopes students are in an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable.

“I want the students to embrace their culture,” Rudin said.

According to Rudin, the party included ways for students to celebrate and have fun.

“Kids brought snacks to share, we had music and played Lotería, which is like bingo, with pictures,” Rudin said.

According to Castañeda, the event was key to his identity.

“It’s my tradition. I’m Mexican. I love my city. I love every- thing,” Castaneda said. “(My) parents are Mexican, it’s me.”

Sophomore Miguel Salas-Rea said the celebration provides students with additional education.

“It’s like a holiday toward a culture and many people can learn from it,” Salas Rea said.