A final note for orchestra

Senior musicians look back on time in music program


Ruby Stillman

Senior Greta Long plays the cello in a cello quintet at the last Orchestra concert of the year June 3.

As senior violinist Estelle Tronson looks back on her orchestra career, she remembers the relationships that grew from her time in the program.

“I made some of my best friends through orchestra so I’m going to really miss all the people there. I also just really love music in general,” Tronson said.

Sophomore Jamie Enright said she had mixed feelings about the spring concert.

“(The concert) was okay,” Enright said. “We could have been more prepared than we were but we also played well.”

According to orchestra director Kou Lee, he had no such concerns about the quality of the spring concert.

“I thought that was the best concert we’ve played,” Lee said. “Overall it was a very good concert.”

Tronson said she has been feeling nostalgic lately as the year winds to a close.

“I think I’m mostly going to miss the family I made — I actually started crying when I left orchestra today,” Tronson said.

According to Tronson, she especially enjoyed the orchestra rock concerts during her time in the park orchestra.

“The rock concerts are my favorite part of orchestra as well as tour of schools,” Tronson said. “For chamber we take a day where we tour a bunch of places like the hospital and nursing homes and we just play holiday music which is a lot of fun.”


According to Lee, this being his first year as the orchestra director, this past school year has been a good time for him to try out new things.

I’ve learned a lot and going into next year I feel like there are going to be a lot of changes and I’m looking forward to next year,” Lee said.

According to Enright, two students were awarded at the concert.

“Greta Long got an award voted on by her classmates, and Emmett Foner got the directors award from Mr. Kou,” Enright said.

For Tronson, the feeling of finishing the year is much like finishing a song.

“I love being a part of the high school orchestra because of the accomplishment you feel when you finish,” said Tronson.