DECA set to attend mock competition

First time invite by the University of Minnesota


Jayde Claussen

Junior Emma Amon leading group activity for a mock interview. This is the first informational meeting regarding DECA’s fundraising and field trips of the year.

Junior Rachel Stein said she is looking forward to the experience at the mock competition DECA was invited to at the University of Minnesota.

“I think the (University of Minnesota) inviting DECA for the mock competition was really cool and I’m really excited that we got the opportunity,” Stein said.

According to DECA adviser Sophia Ross, this will be a new experience for the club participating in a competition held by the University of Minnesota DECA. 

“(This is) the first time our school has been invited, but basically the University of Minnesota DECA hosts business club day,” Ross said. “The students will go through mock interviews, mock competition, mock tests and they will get some good advice on what to do when you are competing and what not to do when you compete.”

Junior Daniel Goldenberg said he believes Park will gain knowledge from the University of Minnesota DECA because of their increased experience. 

“(It is) good (the University of Minnesota DECA is hosting a mock competition), because a lot of the older people have a lot to teach to the younger people,” Goldenberg said.

According to Ross, Park graduate Rachel Salzer helped link Park DECA with the University of Minnesota. 

“I am excited to see how it goes. Rachel Salzer, who was a (Park) DECA member (and) graduated last year, is actually the one who told me about it,” Ross said. “She is a St. Louis Park alumni and she is joining DECA at (the University of Minnesota).”

Ross said this will be a special opportunity for both groups to share knowledge and gain experience. 

“What I think is unique is that collegiate DECA and high school DECA are coming together and working with each other. They will learn from us and we will definitely learn from them,” Ross said.

Stein said she is preparing for the competition and assisting first-year members in success. 

“I’m looking forward to getting ready for the competition and helping first-year members learn how the competition works, because I remember being really confused my first year and I just want to be able to help other people do well,” Stein said.

The mock competition will take place Oct. 26 at the Carlson School of Management.