DECA dives into the world of sports management

Students learn the business side of Timberwolves games


Juniors Kahrder Schmitt and James Peterson work on a project for DECA Oct. 22. Sophomore Julian Johnson also works on a DECA related task.

Maria Perez-Barriga and Jayde Claussen

Business teacher and co-adviser of DECA Abigail Lugo said the club is taking students to a Minnesota Timberwolves game to look at the business aspect of a sports team.

“We are going to go see what it is like to run the Timberwolves games, but on the business side of it, so ( students) will get an in-depth look (into) all the operations,” Lugo said. “The sales that need to (happen) to keep the Timberwolves and people in the seats to keep the game going.” 

Lugo said DECA will be hearing from multiple people on staff to learn the part of the business side of the Timberwolves games. 

“We will be hearing from the different components (of the business); someone from sales staff and someone from I.T. (Information Technology) to talk about what it takes to get the stadium up and going,” Lugo said.  

Junior DECA officer Rachel Stein said she hopes that the field trip will expose students to other sides of business. 

“This field trip will get people to realize that business isn’t all work and something boring and nerdy,” Stein said. “It’s also something that’s interesting and relates to things that all types of people like to do, (such as) sports and creative things like designing apparel.”

Stein said she would like more members of DECA to find their specific interest within the club. 

“I am hoping to gain more interest in our members from going (on this field trip). I think that will open their eyes to some of the different competitive events that could tie into competing,” Stein said. “This is a good opportunity for people to find different things they are interested in.”

Junior DECA officer Emma Amon said she anticipates learning about what goes into the sport management of sports games that people don’t normally see.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the things that go into making the Timberwolves and things that are behind the scenes,” Amon said.  

According to Lugo, students gain sports management experience, as well as tickets to the Timberwolves’ next game. 

“Getting the opportunity to be exposed to (sports management) is great. Then also from going on that field trip experience, students get a ticket for the Timberwolves game,” Lugo said.  

Amon said she wants to experience a new outlook on business relating to sports.

“I’m hoping to gain more knowledge about the inner workings of major sports teams and also a new perspective,” Amon said.