French Club kicks off new year

Members hope to expand knowledge of French culture


Marta Hill

Senior Patrick Djerf writes ideas for future French club meetings at the club’s first meeting 8 a.m. Oct. 11 in B231. Attendees were able to eat French foods and listen to French music.

Marta Hill

After the first French Club meeting of the year, junior Maya Lee said she appreciated the opportunity to meet new people that French Club provided.

“It was fun because I got to have a lot of conversations with people who I don’t usually get to talk to because we are in a lot of different classes,” Lee said.

According to French Club co-president senior Mia Miller, the club hopes to cultivate interest in French culture. 

“Our goal is to get more people interested in French and the culture of France,” Miller said. “Every meeting we are going to have different things to get people excited about French culture.”

According to French Club adviser Kyle Sweeney, the club is not intended to be an intense study of France.

“The students who wanted to start (French Club), I think they just want it to be fun,” Sweeney said. “They want to eat, and maybe talk about French culture, but not do anything serious. They want to come in an enhance their experience.”

Lee said for future meetings she hopes French Club will continue to have food and group activities.

“I hope there is more good food and lots of activities for us to do as a group in the future,” Lee said. “I think French Club will be a very successful club and I think everyone should join because it is a very fun thing to do and I had a great time.”

According to Miller, the first French Club meeting went better than expected. 

“I think today’s meeting went really well. A lot of people came — we had a good turnout,” Miller said. “Today we just ate some French food, listened to some French music, got to know people and talked about what we want to do for future meetings.”