Theater rehearses dance numbers for ‘Legally Blonde’

Cast, ensemble prepare for opening night


Maggie Klaers

Sophomores Olivia Brown and Mackenzie Peshong rehearse the opening number of the upcoming fall musical "Legally Blonde" Sept. 30. Dancers for the show routinely meet to drill the numbers. "Legally Blonde" will open at 7 p.m. Nov. 15 in the Auditorium.

Maggie Klaers and Emily Ziessman

Dance captain and senior Ruby Stillman said “Legally Blonde” uses dances to relay the message of the story.

“Dance numbers are really important because they’re really entertaining and they’re really difficult, but they tell a big piece of the story,” Stillman said.

Stillman said preparing the musical requires collaboration between the directors.

“Preparing dance numbers is a really intense, meticulous process. It includes a lot of communication to figure out who can go where and what the set looks like during those numbers,” Stillman said.

Choreographer Julianne Mundale said she hopes all the dancers will be proud of the hard work they put into show.

“At the end of the performance, I want (the dancers) to feel really good about what they’ve accomplished, what they’ve learned and that they’re doing at ease now,” Mundale said.

According to Stillman, Mundale prepares the numbers and helps the dancers perfect them.

“The choreographer interprets the show and teaches us the dance and then we learn, practice, tweak and finalize,” Stillman said. 

Mundale said the dance captains work with the cast to prepare the dances.

“My dance captains are top notch. I couldn’t do it without them because I’m only here twice a week, so when I’m not here those days they are drilling, and drilling, and drilling,” Mundale said.

According to Stillman, the dancers’ dedication and practice is yielding good results.

“I have seen the dances recently and they’re outstanding,” Stillman said. “Julianne always says, ‘It’s not hard, it’s just new.’ I think that really is true for this show, because (the numbers are) really fast, so it’s really just practicing a lot with the new stuff.”

Mundale said she is motivated by the kids’ enthusiasm.

“The excitement of the kids is what keeps me going. They are so eager and ready,” Mundale said.